Lieutenant-Colonel Francis David Millett Brown V. C. 
Bengal Staff Corps.


 FDM Brown circa 1857 imageFDM Brown V.C. circa 1890 image
  Lieut. Brown. Photo circa 1857.      Lieut.-Col. Brown Photo circa 1890.

His parents were George Francis Brown and Catharine Jemima Gane. George Francis Brown was employed by the East India Company as Magistrate, officiating as Commissioner of Revenue in the Circuit of Bhagulpo India.

Francis David Millett Brown was born on August 7th, 1837, in Bhagalpur, India. He was educated at Grosvenor College, Bath, and during the period 1852 -1854 he had a private tutor, Brisco Morland Gane, later the curate of Honiton.

He was gazetted Ensign, Bengal Army, December 8th, 1855, promoted to Second-Lieutenant, 1st Bengal European Fusiliers, March 7th, 1856, promoted to Lieutenant, June 7th, 1857. 

He served in the Umbeyla campaign in the Indian Mutiny, receiving the General Service medal with clasp for Umbayla and the Mutiny Medal with clasps for Delhi and Lucknow.

Lieutenant Francis David Millett Brown ’s Victoria Cross was gazetted on June 18th, 1859 -

    Francis David Millett Brown, Lieutenant, 1st Bengal European Fusiliers. Date of act of bravery, November 16th, 1857. For great gallantry at Narnoul on November 16th, 1857, in having, at the imminent risk of his own life, rushed to the assistance of a wounded soldier of the 1st Bengal European Fusiliers, whom he carried off under a heavy fire from the enemy, whose cavalry were within forty or fifty yards of him at the time.

He was Presented to Queen Victoria at Levee on 24 Apr 1860 at St. James's Palace. When the 1st Bengal European Fusiliers were transferred to Her Majesty’s service in1861, Lieutenant Brown remained local in India and did not go into the line. He served in the North-West Frontier Campaign in 1863, and was present at the forcing of the Ambeyla Pass, receiving the medal with clasp for Ambeyla.

He became Captain 101st European Fusiliers, August 23rd, 1864, was transferred to the Bengal Staff Corps September 14th, 1865, became Major December 8th, 1875, and Lieutenant-Colonel December 8th, 1881. He was placed on the Unemployed Supernumerary List August 9th, 1894.

He married Jessie Rhind Russell, they had three sons, the eldest, Frank Russell Brown, who was born 24 Mar 1872,  was gazetted to the Royal Munster Fusiliers, served with the 1st Battalion in the South African War, and died on April 4th 1900, of wounds received in the action at Sauna’s Post near Bloemfontein some time on April 2nd. 

The second son, Claude Russell Brown,  who was born on April 11th 1873, joined the Royal Engineers in 1890. He was severely wounded in the South African War and became temporary Lieutenant -Colonel Royal Engineers October 2nd, 1915. 

The third son, Lieutenant W. Brown, was attached to the 1st Battalion Royal Munster Fusiliers in 1908, went to the Indian Army, and was killed in the Great War.

Lieutenant-Colonel Francis David Millett Brown died on 21 Nov 1895 in Sandown, Isle of Wight and was buried in Winchester Cemetery, after a service at Winchester Cathedral.

As far as I can ascertain, Lieutenant-Colonel F. D. M. Brown's Victoria Cross is held by Wellington College, Crowthorne Berkshire.



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